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In 2015 we took part in an invited competition to redevelop the west wing of the Hurlingham Club. Based in Fulham, London, the Club is set in 42 acres of land bordering the River Thames and has provided a range of sporting and social facilities for its members and guests since its foundation in 1869.

The Hurlingham Club’s brief was to consider development opportunities around the west wing with the ambition of providing a fitness and hospitality centre. Walters & Cohen’s proposals were informed by our analysis of the site, looking at historical development, access, views, massing and opportunities. Maintaining the footprint of the west wing largely as it currently stands due to site constraints, we presented two options with the aim of developing a clear entrance strategy for the Club buildings and creating a smart, unique fitness and hospitality suite that builds on the Club’s history, views, and wonderful verdant landscaping. Option one proposed keeping the existing pool enclosure mostly as it is, while the second proposed rebuilding the pool enclosure with a new floor above. This retained a good proportion for the pool room, with natural daylight provided by rooflights, a fully glazed wall between the pool and the wisteria terrace, and new openings that continue the rhythm of those in the existing wall to Little Wimbledon. Both options benefit from improved access to Club buildings, a coherent layout inside and out, and a clear separation between fitness and hospitality facilities.

It was a pleasure to be invited to participate. The site presented many opportunities; we enjoyed learning about this historic club and how to meet the client’s needs while retaining the character and appeal of the grand accommodation.

Client The Hurlingham Club
Competition Autumn 2015
QS Fanshawe
Structure Eckersley O'Callaghan
Architectural illustrations Yuk Yee Phang

Health and Leisure Masterplanning